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New Ambrogio Robot Lawn Mower Dealer Serving Detroit Michigan We are pleased to welcome our first and newest dealer of Ambrogio robot lawn mowers in Michigan: Wayne Lawn and Garden , serving Wayne County and surrounding areas. Detroit is the largest city Wayne Lawn serves but they are not too far for Dearborn, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Wood Haven, Bloomfield Hills, Macomb, Commerce Township and even Pinckney. Wayne Lawn is multi-generation family owned got their start selling farm equipment over 50 years ago. Read about Wayne Lawn's story here, it is very interesting! Similar to how Nicholas Hermatz offered repairs of the very first lawn mowers available in the area, Wayne Lawn continues to be a leader in the lawn and garden industry by stocking and promoting our Ambrogio robot lawn mowers . Wayne Lawn's convenient location on the outskirts of southwest Detroit enables them to serve a major metropolitan area plus many rural areas in southeast and central Michigan.   Wayne Lawn and

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