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How to Choose the Right Ambrogio Robot Mower Model

Ambrogio has the widest range of robot lawn mower s in the industry, which is great because the robot can be "optimized" for each yard's unique characteristics: flat vs. hills, dense vs. sparse grass, large vs. small, etc. But the down side is it can make the selection process daunting. This post will simplify the selection process. The first step toward selecting your robot is to find a knowledgeable local dealer. Dealers are trained to help you make the right choice. You may not find a dealer near you  yet , so the next best is buy over the internet. When making your purchase online, beware. Many retailers are effectively clerks who don't know anything. Good luck getting your questions answered or support after your purchase. Make sure you interview each seller to determine their knowledge and responsiveness prior to your purchase. If you do choose to purchase from a less knowledgeable seller, be sure to buy my Ambrogio robot mower installation guide on Amazon so a

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