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Welcoming Four New Ambrogio Robot Dealers

Whew, it's been a whirlwind recruiting and training new dealers this month. I'd like to welcome these four new dealers to the Ambrogio robot mower family: Smart Yard Robotics Whitestown IN & Warren OH Smart Yard Robotics is a start-up with two locations, Whitestown, Indiana and Warren, Ohio. Smart Yard started strong with two Ohio installations, 4.0 Elite and 4.0 Elite High Cut. More installations are forthcoming, too. Here is Dustin at their first installation: Elljen LTD, Utica OH Elljen, also a startup, is located in Utica OH. Elljen's first installation uses the Infinity system and 4.0 and 4.36 Ambrogio robot mowers on 2.5 acres: Elljen also installed a 4.0 Elite Ambrogio robot mower for a customer who developed his own automatic fence gates: Pet Stop of Columbus, Columbus OH Pet Stop of Columbus owns a thriving invisible pet fence company. The owners, Chip and Sandy have thousands of happy pet fence customers and are looking forward to exposing their clientele to o

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